Download the best hacks for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds for free

As a new game with a decent amount of detail and lots of work trying to refine every aspect of game play many people thought cheats wouldn’t be possible so quickly, but alas, we are now able to say with certainty that working cheats are now available for anyone that wants to download them. We merely compile those tools and are not creators or in any way affiliate with such programs, this blog serves as a research hub for anyone that wants to learn more about this kind of applications or wants to devise a way to nullify them completely. We believe that sharing is caring and by providing a downloadable platform for this kind of software we are making sure that the developers are able to fix those exploits as soon as possible and work on ways to detect them faster.

We had access to some of the latest private hacks – This is our review

pubg hacks

There are many websites selling subscriptions, providing all kinds of cheating capabilities to players that are not shy on wasting some dollars on such endeavors. We spoke with a guy that is able to get them for free and luckily he agreed on providing us with some of this hacking tools in order for us to be able to do this review and expose some of them.  If you have noticed there have been many twitch streamers exposed for using exploits and other shenanigans to gain a competitive edge over their adversaries. They only got caught because they decided to stream and were blatantly obvious with their playstyle . A good hacker will know how to do to blend in and won’t be as careless to stream everything for thousands of people to analyse and find anything suspicious. We could argue that the anti-cheating system could be able to get some of this hackers and ban their accounts, i would say a small percentage is caught that way, the great majority of cheaters are reported by other players, but as i said before, if they know how to blend in and are not obvious it becomes very hard to find who they are.

The new private hacks are some of the most complex we have seen in recent times

pubg aimbot

We have analysed many tools from the most simple to the most elaborated, with PUBG we are seeing a new strain of cheating software designed to remain under the radar and be virtually undetectable to the anti-cheating system implemented by the game. The level of thought put into this kind of tools is becoming very alarming. Some of the features are very game breaking and provide their users with a very unfair advantage.

  • PUBG AIMBOT – A very powerful feature that will enable you to become a literal god. This can be very noticeable and you will probably get reported into oblivion by other players.
  • PUBG Wallhack ESP – One of the most useful and most used features. Everyone knows how powerful knowing where your enemies are in any given FPS, but in this game this is even more important. This makes you invulnerable to sneak attacks and ambushes and enables you to strike your opponents first without them noticing you.
  • PUBG NoRecoil – As the name indicates it removes the recoil from weapons like the AK and other rifles making it easier for the user to shoot moving targets and improves overall accuracy on any weapon you utilize.


Final thoughts

We provide this hacks for free in hopes that the developers are able to patch them as soon as possible and we can keep on playing the game in fairness and with the utmost regard for sportsmanship that should be the banner for all games online and offline.